We pride ourselves in offering one of a kind, original pieces of jewelry as a breath of fresh air compared to the mass manufactured jewelry flooding the market today. We travel the country looking for a one of a kind vintage pieces and rare diamonds. We have a true passion for our trade as our pieces are all either antique or fabricated by us. In which case, all of our pieces are hand made and truly unique. Jewelry should be original and we invite you to join our family tradition!

Ivy and Rose is a new Generation, Fine Jewelry Company with old world roots that trace back to early 20th century Europe. The oldest member of the family began his apprenticeship under an engraving master who worked at the legendary Fabrege in the early 1900's. To this day, Faberge is one of the most famous examples of extremely high quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. This world technique and skill is a lost art that is still present in the hands of one of the last remaining master engravers, Markus Kunin. From engraving, the business grew slowly over the decades from specialty finishing to full scale jewelry manufacturing as well as salvaging original jewelry pieces. The tradition of precise hand finishing has influenced the manufacturing to reflect a high detailed look that is rarely found today. Ivy and Rose, now run by the 3rd generation specializes in one of a kind jewelry as well as antique pieces from all time periods. Ivy and Rose now uses the a symbiotic combination of technology and old world techniques to create amazing pieces of jewelry. Everything offered by Ivy and Rose is one of a kind and original as were all the pieces 100 years ago. We still operate as a small company to offer personalized service and a dedication to customer satisfaction.